Monday, March 11, 2013


well, i've been hard at work for the last few days laying the game out. so far, so good. i've shown a few people what i've done and the response has been positive.

like i said the other day - the success of our kickstarter granted me a slight art budget.  i put out some feelers towards some artists whose work i enjoy - and what do you know, they got back to me and HEY NOW - i'm suddenly assembling a real game.  who are these artists, you ask...?

one is SATINE PHOENIX - i first saw her artwork when i stumbled across the indiegogo for MACHINATIONS OF THE SPACE PRINCESS.  check out her site here.  i just got her pieces today and they're awesome. these are my two favorites:

apparently all the pictures she made for us are based on real people (except for the female minotaur warrior).  the lady here is based on ULORIN VEX.  the wizard is apparently based on ALLAN AMATO...? i could be wrong on that one.

next up we have KELVIN GREEN. i first came across his stuff over on the GROGNARDIA blog. this is the picture that got me searching him out:
when i found his website (click here to see it) i saw this picture - the lich with the laser pistol - and it stuck with me.  a few months later i got in touch with him and asked him to design the logo for our company (LEGENDARY REALMS TERRAIN).  when i sat down to start designing DUNGEON STRIKE i wanted him on board - he got back to me today and it seems like he's i'm stoked on that.  i'm also dying to run his LAMENTATIONS OF THE FLAME PRINCESS one page good. it's called "A ROUGH NIGHT AT THE DOG AND BASTARD". you should look it up.

that brings us to the shadowy underworld figure known as christopher conklin.  i've been gaming with this dude since 1981 or 1982. we were in the same kindergarten class and all that jazz.  whenever i fell out of roleplaying he was there to pull me back in.  chris drew up our other logo - seen here (the lettering was designed by kelvin).  this is the logo we've been using on the back of our t-shirts (which, by the way - if you backed the kickstarter you're getting - even if you only pledged a dollar. we're cool like that).  chris also just won the online voting aspect of that contest WoTC was running - so expect to see some of his work in the upcoming reprinting of the AGAINST THE SLAVE LORDS modules.

now, while i await all the incoming artwork i've been messing around with the layout of the game and the whatnot.  there's a surprising amount of stock artwork floating around out there that's pretty i've been using some of that to play around.  this is my current cover idea:

these are the current mock-ups for the monster cards, treasure cards and character cards.

  ok dudes...that's it. let me know what you think. 


Draxthis said...

Can't stand the troll. I mean the Artwork is awesome, just do not like fighting them, they are horrible when you have to fight them...Flame Strike anyone?

Rauthik said...

That's why every adventurer's pack should have flasks of oil and tinderboxes. Just saying.

Marc Centrella said...

It kinda resembles Marge Simpson, In a mummified way.

Draxthis said...

Yeah Marc, I can see that.

Flasks of oil are too dangerous and never survive for the troll, most adventures burn everything else if they have a flask.