Tuesday, March 26, 2013


i went to michael's today and walked out with some wooden discs and an idea.  when i got home i pulled a bunch of counters out of my STAR FRONTIERS boxes. i also took some from my old REVOLT ON ANTARES game.  lastly, i broke out the starship battle card that came with my X-PLORERS boxed set.  i threw all that stuff under my scanner and this was the result. 
fighters! COMING IN!!! POINT 3!!!
yes, that's the lid from KNIGHT HAWKS.
 as you may have surmised, my X-PLORERS game is based on STAR FRONTIERS...which is cool, because that's one of the things bezio had in mind when he designed it. 


Will YOU eat the Meatloaf? said...

that looks SWEET!

xwardukex said...

thanks, man. any word on those modules?

Will YOU eat the Meatloaf? said...

I'd say by Christmas? Been a few delays, sorry.