Tuesday, October 16, 2012


well, NYCC is in the books. we had some people try out DUNGEON STRIKE on friday and saturday and they all loved it! it's weird watching people play a game that you made...but the early feedback seems to be good so far. everyone seemed impressed with how fast it played (which isn't surprising considering that most of  them were warhammer/40K/3.X/pathfinder/4E types).

i didn't go on sunday - but saturday was RIDICULOUSLY crowded.  now, i've never been to SDCC...but this was insanity. at one point, i decided to leave our booth and walk over to ARTISTS ALLEY. after fighting the crowd to get to the lobby of the javits center, i was confronted with the above sight at the top of the stairs. you see that WALKING DEAD banner? that's what i had to cross to get to AA.  i just went back to our booth and waited a few more hours rather than fight my way through that. luckily, there were still some ATOMIC ROBO t-shirts left when i finally got over there.  but man, NYCC made gencon look small.

anyway, i did get to do some walking around (after all, i had to buy my friends big foam MINCRAFT swords and candy meth) at various points and i noticed that there is virtually NO rpg presence at NYCC...and there are lots of gamers. tons and tons of people came into our booth talking about pathfinder, D&D, and more.  more than a few people were stoked on NUMENERA and asked if our terrain would be compatible with it!  point is - there are gamers there, and outside of us (a terrain company) and the BURNING WHEEL dudes there was basically no RPG presence at all.  that kind of sucks.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

i wrote a skirmish game...and it's FREE!

so, i've been down at NEW YORK COMIC CON the last few days.  we went down on wednesday to set up our booth (we're in booth #2180 if you're interested), then thursday for the professional day and then today for day #1.

let's see - so far i've grabbed some decals, a few pins, the GRENDEL OMNIBUS, the new colorized SCOTT PILGRIM book, and a GAME OF THRONES poster. i also chatted briefly with some of the guys at the BURNING WHEEL booth and they gave me a FREEMARKET patch. sweet.  oh, and i walked over to the COMPLETE STRATEGIST today before heading down to the javits center and grabbed REALMS OF CRAWLING CHAOS, the LAMENTATIONS OF THE FLAME PRINCESS box, and a copy of LACUNA for one of my friends - apparently they REALLY like that game.

anyway...i designed this dungeon skirmish game to play at cons and stuff.  it's quick, easy, and pretty highly fatal for the PC's.  i made it so that we'd have something fast and fun to run at cons.  making adventures and running them for strangers can get to be a grind at some of these jammies - particularly when you have to do them 4 or 5 times for 4-6 hours a clip.  so, i came up with this as an alternative.  we're playtesting it at our booth all weekend.  i ran a few playtests in august at RETCON and so far the reaction has been pretty positive.

the game requires you to have some minis, dice and some terrain or a battlemap. i figure most gamers have these things already. i don't want to make people buy some super-expensive board or figures just to play - use what you already have!  like i said, i made it for cons...and also for people to have something fun to play if their game group can't all get together on a given day.  it's a straight dungeon crawl - i'm playing around with other genres also, but first things first.

anyway - here it is. download it, play it, and let me know if it's good, if it sucks or if it's somewhere in between.  i'm calling it FEAR NO DARKNESS: DUNGEON STRIKE.

i like free games.

Monday, October 1, 2012


hey dudes. sorry i haven't updated in a while.  summer ended and i had to go back to work - ugh.  i've been busy with lesson planning and the whatnot.  i just wanted to pop on here real quick and mention my company LEGENDARY REALMS TERRAIN.  we recently threw our hat into the KICKSTARTER ring - everyone was doing it and we felt the peer pressure.  we're looking to branch out and make some new terrain - sci fi, wilderness and some more fantasy stuff and we're asking for some help to make that happen.  if you want to help us out we'd appreciate the heck out of it. 

here's our kickstarter - check it out!  we'll have a booth at NEW YORK COMIC CON in a few weeks if you want to stop by, say hi and play some games.  ok, posts soon - i'm working on my LACUNA play reports and they should be up soon. i also have a few comic book posts and a some other things half finished.