Monday, October 1, 2012


hey dudes. sorry i haven't updated in a while.  summer ended and i had to go back to work - ugh.  i've been busy with lesson planning and the whatnot.  i just wanted to pop on here real quick and mention my company LEGENDARY REALMS TERRAIN.  we recently threw our hat into the KICKSTARTER ring - everyone was doing it and we felt the peer pressure.  we're looking to branch out and make some new terrain - sci fi, wilderness and some more fantasy stuff and we're asking for some help to make that happen.  if you want to help us out we'd appreciate the heck out of it. 

here's our kickstarter - check it out!  we'll have a booth at NEW YORK COMIC CON in a few weeks if you want to stop by, say hi and play some games.  ok, posts soon - i'm working on my LACUNA play reports and they should be up soon. i also have a few comic book posts and a some other things half finished. 

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