Wednesday, July 18, 2012

X-Plorers and Aliens

Last summer i discovered the X-PLORERS pulp sci-fi rpg.  i really, really like this game!  it's based on OD&D (ok, it's based on the SWORDS AND WIZARDRY WHITE BOX).  the concept is something along the lines of "what if gygax and arneson had made a sci-fi game INSTEAD of the original D&D..."?

anyway, i've run it a few times and everyone has liked it - chris liked it enough to go ahead and purchase the special box set that BRAVE HALFLING put out. the pdf of the  game is free on the BRAVE HALFLING site, but i'd recommend you get yourself a copy of this game.  

anyway, i whipped up a random alien generator for use with the game.  i've modified it a few times but we haven't actually tried it in play yet (mostly because we've been playing LL and 3:16 so much).  you can use this bad boy to make PC's or NPC's - your call.


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