Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MINOTAURS as a BX or LL class

sorry for the lack of updates lately...things here have been busy.

first off, my friends and i pooled our resources and actually bought a gaming store here on long island.  one of the local game stores out here was going to close its doors as the (former) owner is planning a move to texas.  so, yeah - we took it over. it's been an interesting 2 months to say the least. i'll post more about the store in the days (or weeks) to come.

anyway - minotaurs. a few months ago i worked up a minotaur class and posted it on the LABYRINTH LORD boards...i did a layout for it last month and included an illustration that kelvin greene did for DUNGEON STRIKE. 

my take on them was a bit more from the 4E/WOW side of things. i figured minotaurs that were PCs wouldn't be so darn evil, you know? their spell-like abilities are pulled from the LABYRINTH LORD cleric and druid list...so you'll need those to use this class.

so, here it is: let me know what you think.  DOWNLOAD THE MINOTAUR.

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