Monday, August 27, 2012

trip to the ol' FLGS

i just got back from a trip to my's called BROTHERS GRIM.  if you live on long island, chances are you know gil - the guy who runs the place.  good dude.  every single time i go down there i wind up walking out with something.  it's also a place that ALWAYS has some rare, hard to find gems laying around.

take, for example, today.  i went down there with my friend chris. i wanted to grab some old TOP SECRET/S.I. books (as i've had the urge to run that lately) and chris wanted to grab either some old TRAVELLER books or some old PARANOIA stuff. we chatted with gil and michael curtis for a bit (over the weekend chris, mike, and a few other people helped me playtest a simple minis skirmish game i'm developing...more on that in future posts) before perusing the wares.

after hitting the shelves, we decided to dig around in the piles of stuff near the back.  as you can see, we unearthed a TRAVELLER boxed set - the 1981 version. inside we found books 1-3, supplement 4: CITIZENS OF THE IMPERIUM (all in near mint condition), a photocopy of HIGH GUARD, and a ton of character sheets. sadly, it was missing the top lid.  i still bought it for 30 bucks.  we also found a copy of the GREYHAWK supplement for OD&D that was in very, very good condition. next, we discovered the original TOP SECRET rpg box. inside, it had all the original rulebooks, the gm screen and mini-adventure, and the modules OPERATION: FASTPASS, LADY IN DISTRESS, and OPERATION: RAPIDSTRIKE. all in crazy-good condition. i have to admit that i was VERY tempted by this...but i held off. i dislike the original system for TOP SECRET, but man, it was nice looking at all that willingham and dee art.

meanwhile, chris managed to find the second edition of PARANOIA boxed set in excellent condition (which he bought for $20) and a softcover copy of the TRAVELLER book (which he also grabbed for $20).

all in all - a good day for rpg shopping!

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