Saturday, March 17, 2012

so...i made a blog. now what?

hey everyone! my name is mike...and i've finally decided to bite the bullet and create a gaming blog. i own part of a company called LEGENDARY REALMS TERRAIN ( )( ) and rich (the majority owner/creator) has been bugging me for a while to create a blog where we discuss all the things that go on in our home campaign, our business, the cons we attend, etc. it is.

i'll be honest - i like old rpg games. so do my friends. so this blog will mostly be about LABYRINTH LORD and the game it's based on - the 1981 BASIC/EXPERT version of D&D.

our current gaming group is about 6 people deep - and we're all varying ages (from 21 - 38) with various backgrounds in different rpgs.  there's something about those old rules/games that you just don't get from their modern counterparts...and i'll be discussing that (along with other stuff) on here.

the first couple of posts will be about how i came to be involved in this hobby of ours (back in 1980) and about how my friends and i have stumbled into PROOF that younger kids today actually like the older games of OUR youth moreso than the games of today...

anyway - thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy! 

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